Our vision

Performant buildings deliver a high level of efficiency, providing infrastructure and spaces that can adapt flexibly to users’ different needs, maximising both short- and long-term value.

Accelerated design and execution

Our expertise empowers us to propose innovative designs that guarantee the success of your projects. This includes generative design, which can boost productivity significantly in the design of networks such as sprinklers. This also includes methods to step up the construction process, such as development of prefabrication processes, avoid competing activities and reduce the need for qualified fitters. We manage our projects as “macro” work packages in order to stay on schedule.

Compliance with regulations

New and existing buildings must offer guarantees to limit risks to occupants’ health and protect the environment. Regulations include a number of obligations to fulfil: monitoring and optimisation of energy consumption, incorporation of ESG criteria, and the requirement to equip all commercial buildings with automation and monitoring systems under the French BACS decree. We anticipate these changes by offering you technical solutions to meet your targets and obtain environmental certification.

Optimised maintenance

Operations account for 80% of a building’s overall costs. Our experts and innovative tools – e.g. CMMS, BIM and artificial intelligence (AI) – anticipate and facilitate operations while ensuring reliability. AI, for example, enables us to forecast potential deterioration so we can offer you the most suitable renovation plans. We also leverage our BIM FM expertise to create a digital twin of your building so we can exploit millions of pieces of data in real time for more responsive maintenance.

Maximisation of asset value

We take more aspects into consideration at the project definition stage: changes to how the building is used, its resilience to climate conditions, energy performance and comfort levels; all while optimising the costs of maintenance. We support a building’s value over time by monitoring technical assets thanks to BIM operation and a CMMS, long‑term technical and regulatory compliance, investment and renovation plans, and distribution and optimisation of expenses.

Smart buildings

IOTs, cloud computing and smartphones have enabled the development of various digital applications that reduce buildings’ operating costs while increasing the number of services offered. Making the building’s management systems better connected and interoperable. Datas enrich the BIM model and its computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) to create a digital twin that can be exploited fully through algorithms and artificial intelligence. We help you analyse & control your building.