A company’s offices are now crucial to its success, helping it recruit and retain employees, supporting its growth
and contributing to its reputation within the industry in which it operates. As remote working grows in popularity, offices are reinventing themselves.


  • Office real estate challenges

    Office buildings must satisfy various criteria, offering flexible spaces to suit day-to-day and medium-term changes to uses, enhancing the occupant experience and the site’s regional appeal, and meeting the requirements for reducing carbon emissions and adopting ESG criteria.

We support companies, investors, property managers, general contractors, engineering consultants and everyone else involved in office properties

We operate throughout the entire lifecycle of office spaces and can therefore share our overall vision with you – accounting for how a building is used, ensuring its technical performance potential and committing to its long-term durability. This overall vision enables our business units to provide a consistent and comprehensive response from design through to operation:

  • Brand new constructions, extensions and renovations
  • Electrical engineering, climate engineering, plumbing, fire protection, safety, technical building management, smart buildings and more.
  • Maintenance and operation
  • Technical performance potential: overall building performance, monitoring and understanding of assets, maintenance of operational conditions, optimisation and smart maintenance, and turnkey upgrades
  • Environmental impact: energy efficiency, support obtaining certifications, raising of occupant awareness, renewable energy, waste management, low-carbon mobility, etc.
  • Quality of the occupant experience: quality of the work environment, individual services, hospitality management, redevelopment of spaces, etc.