Our vision

A low carbon building aligns with net zero carbon goals and is energy efficient, self-sufficient and runs on renewable energies while harnessing the circular economy, limiting its water usage and adapting to climate change.

Low carbon design and Operations

We help you implement your low-carbon projects by complying with environmental requirements throughout the value chain. Our carbon experts plan your operations with advanced computational building simulation tools (thermodynamic and carbon footprint simulations) and real‑time assessments. This enables us to propose alternative techniques, reducing the carbon footprint of your buildings. With our low‑carbon performance contracts, we support your carbon emission reduction strategies.

Energy Efficiency

Your building’s performance is crucial to optimise your energy consumption. We guide you in your energy efficiency projects, from measures to reduce consumption to technical building management and high-performance energy systems. We help our clients meet their objectives through energy performance contracts that cover audits, the monitoring of energy consumption and the implementation of action plans (& energy saving plans), integrating initiatives to boost performance and execute renovations.

Renewable energies

Buildings have a huge potential to produce renewable energy through photovoltaic panels, urban wind turbines and geothermal heat pumps. We can help you take full advantage of these sources through installation, financing and maintenance, as well as by proposing energy feasibility assessments and helping you optimise your energy contracts to unlock your building’s full potential. To make your buildings self-sufficient we can propose solar panel rooftops and shade structures for example.

Low-carbon mobility

People are shifting to more sustainable forms of transport. We raise awareness and foster low‑carbon mobility by converting vehicle fleets to hybrid and fully electric systems. We also take this into account from a building’s design, by building connections to the urban transport network as well as specific areas for cyclists to change clothes, and designing parking management systems that encourage carpooling.

Natural Resources Protection

Our solutions are designed to protect natural resources. For example in measures to combat urban heat islands, carry out urban network design and significantly reduce nighttime light pollution – we proactively measure, audit and implement sustainable projects. We take buildings’ environments into account and protect them through various actions, such as recycling our technical materials, implementing the “Biodiversity Life” label, and using low‑emission gases, refrigerant fluids and grey water.

Resilience and adaptation to climate change

The impact of climate change and extreme weather is affecting buildings and making them more vulnerable. To anticipate these new challenges, we help you design and operate climate-responsive buildings that are made to be resilient and last. For example, by retrofitting we can replace emissive gas with clean gas. We take all risks into account, such as extreme heat, large temperature ranges and flooding, right from the design stage.

Circular and sharing economy

Our proximity network empowers us to roll out the circular economy everywhere. We reuse and repackage the equipment used by our different companies, as well as materials in their cleaning phase (e.g. partition walls, cable trays and fan convectors).

Waste Management and Reduction

We are committed to waste management and reduction. At the construction phase, as well as the operation phase, we carry out strict, standardised and selective on‑site sorting, work traceability and technical equipment reuse. We also train your employees in better waste management and raise their awareness.