Changing consumer habits, such as the rise of e-commerce and responsible consumption, have had an impact on in-store footfall. One of the major challenges retailers are facing is tempting consumers back into brick-and-mortar shops, where they are reinventing concepts and business models.




  • Retail real estate challenges

    Shops are changing to offer their customers a bespoke experience. These spaces are becoming mixed-use venues, encompassing offices, housing and leisure venues. Sustainable development has also become a major challenge for brands, who are stepping up in-store initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and use less energy-intensive lighting. They are also increasingly digitising shop activities to enhance the customer journey.

We support major retailers, chain stores, department stores and luxury stores

And we can help you successfully transform, for example through:

  • Energy efficient shops: consumption monitoring, energy efficiency, energy renovation (particularly relamping), optimisation of your cooling facilities, etc.
  • Sustainable shops: installation of photovoltaic panels, charging points, etc.
  • Digitised shops: help with your customer journey, installation of data sensors, etc.

Through our solutions, and by finely adjusting our operations in line with your scheduling and operational constraints, we can help you continuously adapt your shops:

  • At every step of your development – construction, renovation and store expansions, as well as lighting, heating-ventilation-air conditioning, fire protection and commercial cooling projects and more