Logistics is a fast-changing sector, with operations evolving as demand rises sharply and new complexities arise
in relation to regional adaptation and property scarcity.

  • Logistics real estate challenges

    Logistics buildings should now provide new answers to the massive upheaval in the sector – the tightening of environmental regulations, the transition to low-carbon warehouses, the digital transformation, and the need to diversify formats to absorb increased demand – with everything from urban micro-logistics to mega warehouses.

We support retail, e-commerce and other specialised organisations

In order to rise to new requirements and growing complexities at warehouses, we support our clients throughout the lifecycle of their buildings, from design through to operation, implementing comprehensive solutions that combine:

  • Technical performance: vertical construction, architectural diversity, predictive maintenance, IoT, BIM, cybersecurity, etc.
  • Environmental impact and energy optimisation: energy monitoring, energy renovation, relamping and lighting life cycle management, design and creation of natural light sources
  • Safety: security and fire prevention