Education continues to evolve and transform with technological progress. How schools, colleges and universities
respond to these changes will be crucial to determining their success in attracting students
and funding in the face of ever-increasing competition.

  • Education real estate challenges

    Real estate is the third largest expense for most educational institutions, and more and more are recognising the essential role that their real estate can play in their long-term success. A number of global trends will define the look and feel of future education establishments: the quality of the internal physical environment in relation to occupants’ health and well-being; innovative design and adaptable spaces that can accommodate changing needs; the quality of the experience expected by occupants; and a range of hybrid styles of learning that account for technology and the impact of digitisation, as well as the commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by implementing a tangible sustainability strategy.

We support: public and private establishments; primary, secondary and higher education; and prestigious educational institutions

We help you transform your education real estate into a sustainable, strategic asset that attracts students, faculty, and staff through facilities management and strategic on-site improvements:

  • Construction and renovation of establishments through technical work packages
  • Multi-technical maintenance
  • Energy renovation
  • Energy performance contracts
  • Air quality monitoring