Our vision

A liveable building is people-focused, ensuring a healthy, secure and pleasant environment that enhances value creation and contributes to social and societal responsibility.

Design and use of spaces

In light of fresh challenges linked to new working methods and changes in how buildings are used, the way we design spaces for future modifications has become key to companies’ success. Our solutions aim to create the conditions needed for collaboration in your offices, providing adaptability and flexibility to improve the user experience and enhance comfort. We create different areas by planning for new uses, optimising every sq.m to help you get everything you need out of your space.

Safety and security solutions

We help you ensure total safety at your site, with solutions for access control, video surveillance, intruder detection, PA and sound systems, supervision and hypervision, and cybersecurity.
In order to protect your buildings, employees and material assets, we develop high-performance fire protection solutions. We also carry out design studies, prefabrication, supply, planning, assembly, trials, commissioning, training, and operation and maintenance of your fire protection systems.

Hospitality management

Our hospitality managers possess the necessary knowledge of the organisation and how it is used to act as your sole point of contact, facilitating day-to-day life for your building’s occupants. They supervise interventions and incident resolution, bring spaces to life and manage events. They also ensure that occupants can enjoy a calm atmosphere and are capable of gauging satisfaction. Hospitality managers also work on awareness of CSR initiatives and relationships with non-profit organisations.


As part of our facility management contracts, we offer services that enhance company productivity while creating a calm atmosphere for occupants.
Our services focusing on occupants’ surroundings include integration and supervision of service provider contracts, comfort levels, management of shared spaces and amenities.
To assist your occupants in their day-to-day activities, we deliver local services such as concierge, occupant and visitor guidance, mobile/IT stock management, and more.

Air quality management

By providing HVAC solutions, we are directly involved in improving air quality in your buildings. We adapt our solutions in line with your needs and requirements:
– Ensuring comfort and well-being in offices and hospitals by helping to combat infectious illnesses, etc.
– Making use of natural ventilation and implementing air treatment systems that we have honed at large-scale facilities.
We can also provide solutions to measure air quality, for example by harnessing connected objects.

Light optimisation

Light is fundamental in our buildings – affecting how employees feel at the workplace, as well as the customer experience in shops and even playing a key role in certain exhibits at museums and galleries. Nevertheless, it is one of the biggest sources of energy consumption.
Our solutions can help you create the right atmosphere in your spaces while helping you reduce the amount of energy you use, for example by deploying LED solutions or smart management.