The housing sector must face new challenges related to construction, societal changes (e.g. the ageing population, blended families, remote working, the use of digital technology in our daily lives, etc.) and the climate emergency, for example adapting by renovating existing housing and building new structures with a low environmental footprint.


  • Housing real estate challenges

    The housing challenges of the future are based on two crucial focuses: social aspects and sustainability. Sustainability, as housing is central to environmental challenges and subject to increasingly strict regulations in relation to its environmental footprint; and social aspects, as the demographic transition is contributing to the rise of managed properties and the incorporation of flexible uses.

We support: new residential buildings, social housing and managed residences (senior serviced residences and student residences)

By combining our innovative solutions with our extensive expertise, we enhance the overall value of your buildings by optimising energy performance while satisfying occupants’ expectations. We identify your needs, from design and build through to operation and maintenance:

  • Technical performance: All-trade restoration, HVAC, plumbing, electrical facilities, BMS and CMS
  • Environmental impact: energy optimisation and renovation, support with certifications, raising of occupant awareness
  • Comfort and security: air quality, water quality, security and fire prevention, etc.