The current international political and economic context has revealed countries’ need to secure
and control their supply chains, not only for capital goods but also for food and pharmaceutical products.
Reindustrialisation is therefore underway, with new plants being created at many sites.
Environmental challenges are also driving economies to invest in relocating their production.


  • Industry real estate challenges

    Industrial facilities must adapt as industrial processes change. For example, due to the acceleration of industrial decarbonisation and energy pressures, industrial buildings must implement significant energy efficiency measures – both by carrying out energy renovation and by securing the energy supply (e.g. by using renewable energy or waste heat). Land take reduction policies also entail using brownfield land and urban areas that have been rehabilitated for industrial purposes.

We support the equipment, pharmaceutical and chemicals industries, agri-food, defence and other sectors, as well as all industrial real estate professionals.

Our cutting-edge expertise and proven processes make us a trusted partner in the adaptation of your industrial facilities:

  • Brand new constructions, extensions, renovations, maintenance and operation
  • Electrical engineering, climate engineering, plumbing, fire protection, safety, technical building management, consumption monitoring and more
  • Specific energy efficiency and decarbonisation-related challenges