Transport (e.g. rail, aviation, etc.) and public infrastructure (e.g. stadiums, concert venues and exhibition centres)
are constantly developing and reinventing themselves in line with demographic changes, meeting the needs
of growing transport flows and the development of leisure and sports activities.




  • Infrastructure real estate challenges

    These vast venues are subject to strict regulatory and security requirements. The highly technical buildings housing these activities are also increasingly subject to certain environmental requirements due to the large numbers of people who use them.

We support: transport infrastructure managers, concert and exhibition venue operators, and stadium builders and operators

We work closely with you to build and operate these large pieces of infrastructure by adapting and specialising our teams to incorporate your security constraints and business continuity requirements:

  • Construction and renovation: electrical engineering, climate engineering, smart buildings, plumbing, fire protection, etc.
  • Multi-technical maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hospitality management
  • Specific services related to your area of business: events support and services for your business clients (shops, exhibitors, etc.)
  • Waste management and monitoring