In the era of big data, where technology is ubiquitous, data centers have become essential to our daily lives.
The rise of remote working, as well as online learning, evolving consumption patterns and
increased digitisation in general mean that we need to share and store data more quickly.


  • Data center real estate challenges

    Various types of data centres are therefore developing, from mega facilities to smaller, local and modular forms of data hosting. Purchasing land is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses. Data centres are more secure, including in relation to climate events, and are committing to accounting for their environmental footprint – particularly by reducing their energy consumption.

We support: end users (e.g. banks, video game companies, hospitals and local authorities) as well as data professionals (such as hyperscalers, cloud providers, service providers, etc.) and specialised real estate developers and builders

Our specialised solutions assist with data centre design, execution, maintenance and operation. We adapt our services to your projects, e.g. by providing modular data centres for hyperscalers, and take your scheduling needs into account. We provide both turnkey formats and specific areas of expertise:

  • Design-build: electrical engineering, climate engineering, fire protection, etc.
  • Wiring
  • Operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • End of life and recycling