The role of VINCI Energies Building Solutions is to bring life to your buildings.

We believe that each building is unique; its history, challenges, occupants and operations require a specific approach and spot-on solutions.​

Buildings are situated at the crossroads of several major transitions and must find a new but complex balance:


Buildings account ​for 40% of global greenhouse ​gas emissions, 40% of worldwide energy consumption and 40% ​of raw materials used​ 

Society's requirements

Access to quality spaces to live and work in is fundamental to the overall well-being of our society 


Each building is unique and the real estate industry needs to ensure economic efficiency

Our role is to bring life to your buildings by making them low carbon, liveable and performant:

Low carbon building

Liveable building

Performant building

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The building lifecycle

We operate in all types of buildings, throughout their lifecycle.

Our expertise

We create solutions that meet our customers’ objectives and needs in terms of energy performance and environmental sustainability, occupant comfort and efficiency.

Who we are

Every day, we work to enhance buildings’ potential through design, construction, maintenance and operations, making them low-impact, liveable and high-performance.