VINCI Energies Building Solutions is able to harness different areas of expertise

to meet the needs of all its customers:

Electrical Engineering

Building power supply
Secure Sources
Distribution and lighting systems
Controlled consumption
Photovoltaic solar

Climate Engineering

Energy production: heating and cooling
Ventilation and air treatment
Temperaure and humidity regulation
Energy recovery
Smoke extraction

Smart Building

Building Automation Systems (BAS)
Building Operating System (BOS)
Voice-Data-Image network
Telephony, Wi-Fi
Internet of Things


Cold & hot water systems
Plumbing fixtures
Water treatment
Special fluids

Building protection

Active fire protection
Passive fire protection
Fire detection and alarm systems
Video surveillance
Safety and security
Access control

Fitting and finishing

Coordination of architectural interior works
Renovation general contracting


Maintenance of operational conditions
Optimisation and evolution
BIM operation
Monitoring and understanding of assets
Redevelopment and renewal


Services for occupants and their environment
Hospitality management
Mobility support
Management and upgrade of spaces